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Weather forecast

Metis continuously updates its 15-day forecasts for 100+ parameters. It is available for every single point in the world. Metis is an artificial intelligence producing 50+ billion forecasts daily.

The next generation weather forecasting system

At Weather Solutions we have many years of experience is the field, starting in 1999 with the development of the first automated weather forecasting system for Meteo Consult that was called MOS (Model Output Statistics).

With the help of MOS Meteo Conslult became the largest weather company in Europe over the next 15 years. Harry Otten, the founding father of Meteo Consult has started a new company in 2017 with renewed energy. His aim: simply be the best in weather forecasting and prove it.

Learns from experience by analyzing its recent performance

We have build upon the knowledge from the automated weather forecasting model of Meteo Consult (it is called MOS) and expended it considerably in Metis.

It has more extensive data quality checks as well as some out-of-the-box algorithms to improve the accuracy of key weather parameters. In addition, Metis automatically learns from experience by analyzing its own performance over the past couple of weeks.

The focus in Metis is on four key parameters

For some of these key parameters Metis has specific algorithms to improve it. For instance, extrapolated radar images adjust rainfall and radiation forecasts in the first couple of hours.


Verifications have shown that Metis performs significantly better than our colleagues in Europe and North America

Continously improving

Metis is continously improving by adding new algorithms to the artificial intelligence. Metis is also fed by knowledge of meteorology. A team of meteorologists and scientists with more than 20 years of experience are adding new features and improvements to Metis on a monthly basis.